Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading Services in Meerut

What is Tarot?

The Tarot is a form of Fortune- telling, or predicting events, that has been used for many centuries to provide guidance and help people understand the issues influencing their lives. Tarot can be used to bring insight and understanding to personal and professional situations.

The typical Tarot deck has 78 cards that are divided into Major Arcana (22) and the Minor Arcana (56). Major Arcana are archetypal events, big issues that concern character and destiny. Minor arcana are concerned with circumstances and behavior and illustrates how energy of the majors manifests in your daily life.

The Majors, numbered from zero to twenty one, are ports in a journey and begins with wildly innocent enthusiasm of the Fool and ends with the sophistication and the knowledge of the World. They are the most powerful cards in the deck. The minors are divided into four suits: wands, cups, swords and pentacles. They correspond to the four elements, the four personality types, the four seasons. Each suit is numbered from one through ten and has four court cards. The pips, or numbered cards represent the patterns which the archetypes weave in our lives, the court cards usually represent people or behavior patterns.

How is Tarot Reading beneficial?

Tarot reading is not just a set of cards with illustrations but they offer rich experience and insight to anyone willing to approach it with open mind. It reveals the path to the seeker, and provides guidance to follow the path by the virtue of eliminating the obstacles .Tarot reading is unquestionably a serious and important tool for divination and meditation.

The tarot cannot predict a fixed and fated future. They are series of imaged that describe the qualities of the moment when an individual consults them with a particular problem in mind. Tarot helps to understand how we have landed ourselves in particular situation or problem and guides us how we should respond, what choices we should make. Tarot has a remarkable ability to focus on a particular problem and provide great insight into its possible cause and solution. It can pinpoint future events with accuracy, describing them in remarkable detail.

Tarot helps to reflect back a prior knowledge of our unconscious mind, which holds the key to the meaning of the situation and therefore know the probable future outcome of that moment. Most of the life situations are complicated to an extent that the mind is muddled to even take simple decision or determine what effect your actions would cause. By reading Tarot one can receive help in understanding complex patterns and movements of the unconscious mind and have a deeper insight and greater possibilities of response and choice.

A Before doing a Tarot reading its essential to clear one's mind of all thoughts. The tarot reader then, shuffles the deck and places the cards from left to right. The Tarot cards have meanings, and the meanings need to be considered in relation from where they fall in the a Tarot Spread. The position in which a card falls helps to clarify the message of the tarot. 

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